Criminal justice research topics

The criminal justice system, the vanguard of a society reflects its changing values. Research paper topics ranging from women’s rights to international treaties, the media and the law have aspects of criminal justice thesis that a writer can explore. The writer can look at the fairness of the system, how the system statistical analyzes of offenders and race or gender, and also the differences between the states and municipalities in the implementation of crime and punishment works in practice, offenders.

War crimes and international law
Examines the use of torture during international conflicts, allegedly is a violation of international law. How are war crimes investigated and prosecuted by international organizations? and how does politics enters the process ?. Governments do you apply international treaties on criminal prosecution of alleged torturers ?, and if not, how can they be induced to do?

Law enforcement and the media

Discusses the role of the media in law. Officials responsible for law enforcement ┬┐selectively disclose information to the media on criminal cases to improve its image, and the media uncritically transmit that information, creating prejudice against the accused?. If so, how can the media better access to information on ongoing criminal investigations ?, and how can the media maintain balance in their reports?

Rating death and Convictions

Look at the issue of potential jurors who oppose the death penalty and are systematically excluded from criminal juries in capital cases during the selection process. The remaining jurors are more pro-law enforcement and is likely to condemn, and if so, how can the accused be entitled to a fair trial guaranteed in a death penalty case ?.

Police arrest and flight
Examines the profiles are always recurring. Many states now require police departments to report the race of people arrested for traffic violations, misdemeanors and identification checks. With these statistics and demographic data, there is evidence that minorities are disproportionately identified by the police ?.
Criminal Justice and violent offenders Women
Look at the growing role of women in violent crime. Those statistics do they support this trend ?, if so, how is the criminal justice system to violent female offenders? Is it the same way as men? Are you are treated better or worse in trials, sentencing, prisons and rehabilitation centers ?.

Prosecutors and Public Defenders

Compare the resources of prosecutors in the district attorney’s office with the resources of defense lawyers in the public defender’s office in different jurisdictions. Compare the number of cases, support staff, research budgets, testing experience and other factors. Are public defenders, and therefore, their clients, the same opportunity to present their cases? Whether or not, how can the system be more balanced ?.

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